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When some individuals think of physical therapy, they envision a prolonged stay inside a rehabilitative center or long drives for therapy appointments. In previous times this was often the case, but today the picture is much different. Physical therapy, as prescribed by a physician, can be carried out in the comfort of home with the help of the Austin Elite Home Healthcare Solutions. Our team of licensed and skilled therapeutic professionals visit patients at home, and this eliminates the physically challenging task of getting to a rehabilitative center for treatment.
Physical therapy often involves:

        • Training to develop function and safety mobility skills
        • Therapeutic exercises to increase strength, range of motion and endurance
        • Home exercise programs and home safety evaluations
        • Post surgical rehabilitation
        • Pain Management modalities
        • Balance and vestibular training to address safety and fall prevention
        • Prosthetic/orthotics training
        • Assistance in obtaining therapeutic or assistive equipment